United States Military Telegraph

Two-Element Code for Telegraph Operation

Two element code consists of the numbers "1" and "2".  Two Element code for the telegraph is adapted from the two element code from the use of signal flags.

Notice there is a quick pause between each "element" of the letter you are sending, a short pause between letters, and a long pause between words.

Click here for an example of how to use/send DOT code.

A=11 B=1221 C=212 D=111 E=21
F=1112 G=1122 H=211 I=2 J=2211
K=1212 L=112 M=2112 N=22 O=12
P=2121 Q=2122 R=122 S=121 T=1
U=221 V=2111 W=2212 X=1211 Y=222
Z=1111 &=2222 tion=2221 ing=1121 ed=1222

The source for the above information is from F.T. Miller's book, "Soldier Life and the Secret Service" (1957)