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The USMT CW Communicator Ionosphere server is now online!  Use our server address of "" in your CW Communicator program!  Practice CW, DOT or any version of MorseCode you choose.  For DOT Code, please use channel 1863.  For more information on the CW Communicator program, click here.  For instructions on how to configure your CW Communicator program for use with our "ionosphere" server, click here.

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Reenacting Information

Telegraph Documents & Misc. Information

Two Element Code


USMT Telegraph Blank


Civil War Telegraph Images


Practice Morse Code


Stutter Code Blank


Women Telegraph Operators


Beardslee Telegraph


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General Telegraph Links


DOT Code Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for 
Telegraph Box (Word97)

Frank Pope's Telegraph Book

Civil War Telegraphy
Linked to 
Telegraph Lore
Homepage by Greg Raven

Cheat Sheet for 
Telegraph Box (PDF)

The Telegraph Manual
by Taliaferro P. Shaffner,

Telegraph Patents


1873 Article on Telegraph
From Harper's


Morse Code Programs


Gettysburg 2001 Photos

Insulators In Use During
the Civil War
Shows threadless insulators in use

Our Page on Photographic Evidence of Insulators
Used in the Period of the
Civil War

Western Union
Company Rules, 1866

How to build your telegraph set page one

How to build your telegraph set page two

How to build your telegraph set page three

How to build your telegraph set page four

How to build your telegraph set page five

How to build your telegraph set page six

** Historical Sketch
of the Electric Telegraph

by Alexander Jones, 1852

** Before Threads
by David and Marilyn Delling
Book on Telegraph Insulators


William R. Plum's Pocket
Telegraph Set

David Harbin pocket telegraph sets


Education Website

USMT MorseMail Server
Requires IE5.0 or higher

Schematic for Morse 
Tone Converter

(Can be used to drive a
sounder using audio sources)

1856--Pike's Illustrated Catalog
showing the design of
Daniells Cells used in the
OVCWA and 2nd Michigan

Build your own
Daniells Battery Box!
Great info here folks, also
seems quite simple to
make!  Many thanks to
John Schultz
for the great how-to page.


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DOT Code Education Website

Click on the picture above for Dot Code practice and test. In addition to sounders, we at the OVCWA use small 25 milliwatt Broadcast Band Modulated CW transmitters which have 140 ohm relays keying the transmitter. This signal is received by small pocket radios with the earphone in the collar allowing those without "click" training to receive both Dot Code and Morse as a Ham radio would. The OVCWA Standardized Telegraph System (STS) is HERE The OVCWA STS interface is HERE.

Meet your Hosts!

Dave Bock, Ted Wagner, and Dave Harbin are amateur radio operators (ham radio).  We all know International Morse.   Dave Harbin is, by far, the best American Morse operator.

Beardslee Flying Telegraph

Signal Corps

U.S. Military Telegraph

Represenative Event Reviews